Indochine Collection by Valérie Ciriadès

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Valérie Ciriadès Indochine Collection Spring Summer 2012/2013

Written/Directed/Edited/Colour by Luigi Dias
DOP Ralph Strelow
Assistant Cinematographer, Ricardo Corrêa Couto Chanel
With Michelli Provensi as “The Lady” and Bruno Kimura as “The Lover”
First Assistant Director, Sarina Davila
Second Assistant Director, Luciana Camargo
Make up and Hair by Theo Carias
Style by Japa Girl
Style Assistant, Beto Almeida
Art Direction by Luigi Dias
Cast by Tuca Costa Pacheco
Props and Objects by Davila & Camargo LTDA
Edited and Post Produced by Luigi Dias
Produced by Gilberto Rodrigues and Fernando Fanuchi
Executive Producers, Luigi Dias, Maria João and Rodolfo Vani
A Cia de Cinema Production

Chanteuse, Michelli Provensi
Lyrics by Luigi Dias
Recorded and mixed at Ritmika Audio Arts Studios
Music Director, Henrique Tanji
Music Producer/Composer, Gustavo Boralli
Mixed by Hans Zeh
Mastered at Sterling Sound
Master, Tom Coyne

Filmed on Location at Casa Juisi Phosphorus
Downtown, São Paulo, Brazil
October, 2012