Chilli Beans Signed Lines

Music Production / Composition: Gustavo Boralli

Title: Signed Lines
Client: Chilli Beans
Agency: Fracta Propaganda
Creative Director: José Caporrino
Creatives: Dairo Coelho, Igor Bittencourt e Alexandre Hinterholz
Directed/Edited/Colour by Luigi Dias
DOP Ralph Strelow
Assistant Cinematographer, Alex Amati
With Michelli Provensi, Mariana Barreto, Adriana Ramos, Paula Zago e Renata Fasanela
First Assistant Director, Sarina Davila
Second Assistant Director, Luciana Camargo
Make up and Hair by Feco
Style by Japa Girl
Style Assistant, Beto Almeida
Art Direction by Luiz Henrique Pinto
Casting by Tuca Costa Pacheco
Edited and Post Produced by Luigi Dias
Produced by Gilberto Rodrigues and Renato Salmaso
Account Management: Marina Leite
Sound Producing House: Ritmika Audio Arts
Music Direction: Henrique Tanji
Music Production / Composition: Gustavo Boralli
Filmed on Location.
Downtown, São Paulo, Brazil